20 January 2023

Making your good intentions a success this year?

The start of the new year is the time for many people to make new plans. Many people also have good intentions in terms of their health. For example, looking for more relaxation, losing weight, living healthier, or exercising more.

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6 December 2022

Sportfasting, fitting for you?

December has started. A month full of fun with family and friends, often combined with good food. During this period, it can be difficult to achieve your health goals. Is this the case for you? Then sportfasting may be the right approach for you! In this 10-day, intensive program you focus on switching from burning sugar to burning fat by combining exercise with fasting.

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29 August 2022

Back in your rhythm

The holiday is over. The moment of relaxation, nice weather and being able to take your mind of the normal things. After the holiday it is always a matter of getting get back into your rhythm. Study or work starts again, other regular activities. Before you know it, your calendar is full of appointments and it’s as if you haven’t taken a break.

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7 June 2022

4 toning triceps exercises

Starting position: Both hands are holding the dumbbell, bend by lowering the dumbbell slightly behind the head (inhalation phase). Final position: The hand holding the dumbbell lifts the weight by stretching (exhalation phase) and returns to the starting position.

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31 May 2022

Are you using these proven superfoods?

Broccoli is a powerhouse. It is packed with fiber, vitamins C, A, K, B-9 and small amounts of potassium and phosphorus. It also has a high content of glucoraphanin, which converts to sulforaphane. Sulfforaphane neutralizes toxins and reduces inflammation. It is linked to many health benefits, such as reducing the incidence of choleric disease and oxidative stress. It also regulates cholesterol and blood sugar (1). Cruciferous vegetables like broccoli are packed with indole-3-carbinol, which helps prevent certain types of cancer. Broccoli is a nutritious, high-volume food, perfect for fat loss and health. It activates your gastric mechanoreceptors, which trigger satiety signals. That means broccoli helps you feel full without storing calories, much like a hibernating bear

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31 May 2022

Sportfasting, a very nice program!

Very nice program! Achieving results is always nice, but I found the mental switch and discovering of patterns especially valuable! Very satisfied! Thanks Joel for the pleasant guidance.

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16 May 2022

Caffeine during a low-carb diet for better sports results?

Are you on a low-carbohydrate diet, and do you want to prevent your progress from slowing down or losing muscle because of your sport activities? Maybe the smart use of caffeine before training is valuable for you! If you are on a low-carbohydrate diet, you will notice that this can affect the energy you have for sports. Exercising on a low-carb diet can have the same restrictions on your ability to exercise as if you were a heart patient.

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29 April 2022

Enjoying sports again after an injury

At the end of 2017 I suffered a serious knee injury. After years of physiotherapy and focus on the recovery of my knee, I was still insecure and barely managed to exercise. Seeking help from Personal Performance Training turned out to be the right choice.

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22 February 2022

I recommend Personal Performance Training for Thai Kickboxing

Experience with kickboxing training from A. from The Hague. Via Google I was looking for an experienced Personal Trainer in the field of Thai kickboxing (muay thai).

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25 January 2022

Personal Performance Training is going to renovate!

The personal training studio at Groot Hertoginnelaan is being expanded and renewed. At the end of February, Personal Performance Training will expand and renovate the PT studio in the Groot Hertoginnelaan. With the departure of the physiotherapist, extra space is created for the personal training studio.

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