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Personal Performance Training

Personal Performance Training was founded by Personal Trainer Joël van Wijk. Joël offers at Personal Performance Training a place to challenge people to get the best out of themselves, to achieve their goals and to maintain results. For this purpose, a training program is created that matches the possibilities and wishes of the customer. Personal attention is essential here. It is important that, before the program is drawn up, the initial situation is thoroughly investigated: are there medical problems? Is the customer mentally in good shape? Is there sports experience? There is room to talk about this, to carry out tests and measurements and to regularly evaluate whether we are on the right track.

Personal Performance Training has expertise in several areas, from Medical Fitness or Kickboxing, to nutritional advice and wants to offer as much as possible under one roof.

Stand stronger in life

Behind the decision to exercise (under supervision) is often a deeper motivation. Whether it is to lose weight, build up more stamina or build more muscle. Ultimately, it is about improving yourself. Do things that you could never do, or feel better about yourself. This is the goal the trainers of Personal Performance Training would like to help you achieve: Stand stronger in life!

Free intake interview

Are you interested in Personal Performance Training and do you want to know if there is a connection with our personal trainers? Please contact us for a free intake interview.

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Personal training

We focus on personal attention to you and your excercise goals. That is why we offer personal training.

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Our trainers

Personal Performance Training works with a fixed team of certified personal trainers.

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Our high-end personal training studio offers a safe and pleasant environment for personal training and group sessions.

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Personal Performance Training partners


Partner in Bootcamp, we are franchisee.


Exclusive functional sports clothing from New Zealand.

De Hardloopwinkel

Partner in sports clothing and accessories. Our clients receive a 10% discount and more.


High-end Dutch dietary supplements, available to our clients with a discount.


Partner in Fittergy sportfasting and high-end dietary supplements.

Voedingsadviesbureau Remijnse

Exclusively available to our clients.

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