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Pain and limited freedom of movement can influence your daily life. Physical problems can, among other things, arise from a wrong posture in daily activities, RSI (chance), stress, cardiovascular diseases, joint disease, pelvic instability and other causes.

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Medical Fitness at Personal Performance Training is responsible training and personal attention for people and their medical complaints. We want to build a bridge between physiotherapy and fitness, to make you move better, become fitter and have an overall better health.

Relationship as a basis

Personal Performance Training is distinguished mainly by the focus on the personal relationship. Someone who knows how to challenges you and knows your personal situation can help you able to help you achieve sustainable results. This is why many of our customers train with us for a longer period of time.

Free intake interview

Please contact us for a free no-obligation intake interview. During this interview we will use several specific tests to get an overview of your physical issues. Following these tests we will discuss which training program is right for you. When you are happy about the interview, we will schedule a follow up appointment to start your medical fitness training.

Free intake interview

Are you interested in Medical Fitness and do you want to know if you have a connection with our trainers? Please register for a free no-obligation interview.

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How we work

1 Free intake interview

This intake interview is completely free of charge. We will help you discover what your possibilities are. During this interview you can tell us about your wishes and expectations. With that in mind, we can determine your goal. What for, how often, how long and in which location you wish to do the kickboxing training.

2 Rehabilitation

During the rehabilitation phase we will excercise. Your Medical Fitness trainer has specific exercises for you to treat the complaints and increase your strength.

3 Re-activation

When your complaints decrease, you go into the re-activation phase. We will work on improving your overall condition and strength.

When the program is finished, you can always sign up for a repeat session.

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