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You want to be able to defend yourself and you want to learn more about kickboxing / Muay Thai? Or do you want to improve your kickboxing techniques? Our experienced and professional trainer works with beginners and advanced individuals. This is done with personal attention, a lot of fun and at a quiet and safe location at Delft, Ypenburg or The Hague.

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The kickboxing training consists of many forms of technique, efficient hitting and kicking combined with bag and focus pad training. It is also possible to train clinching and throwing. The result is more resiliency, condition, control and expertise.

Kickboxing is for everybody

Kickboxing is for everybody. The days that only men were involved in this beautiful sport are long past. There are a lot of active female kickboxers around, who have experienced the benefits from it. After all, one is improving one’s condition, strength and defensiveness.

Free, no-obligation intake interview

Interested in Kickboxing / Muay Thai? Please get in touch for a free intake interview. During this interview you tell us what your wishes and expectations are. Together we will discuss your goal, what you want to train, for what reason, how often, how long and at which location. The kickbox trainer will do some tests to see at which stage you are now. If you feel positive about this first talk, we will be happy to schedule a follow-up appointment.

Free intake interview

Are you interested in Kickboxing / Muay Thai and do you want to know if there is a connection with our personal trainers? Please register for a free, no-obligation interview.

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How we work

1 Intake interview

This intake interview is completely free of charge. We will help you discover what your possibilities are. During this interview you can tell us about your wishes and expectations. With that in mind, we can determine your goal. What for, how often, how long and in which location you wish to do the kickboxing training.

2 Test session

During the test session the intake forms and medical questionnaire are to be filled, followed by a personal test and a body composition measurement. We note your initial situation. Based on this information, we prepare your kickbox training program.

3 Training

Your kickbox training program will start in the desired location. From now on your diet is also monitored. During the training period we will evaluate regularly and perform a test measurement if desired.

When the program is finished, you can always sign up for a repeat session.

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