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Sportfasting at Personal Performance Training

Individual outdoor training possible

At the end of February, Personal Performance Training will expand and renovate the PT studio in the Groot Hertoginnelaan. With the departure of the physiotherapist, extra space is created for the personal training studio. The PT studio will be closed from February 21 to March 6.

Do you need a Personal Trainer in the The Haque/Delft area? Come to Personal Performance Training!

Want to get back in shape? Need to prepare your body for an event? Need that extra motivation? Weightloss? Or do you have an injury which prevents you from moving without pain? Our trainers at Personal Performance Training will help you to reach your goals. Our trainers have a wide variety of training methods and are able to train you at various locations (Den Haag, Delft, Ypenburg and Scheveningen/Statenkwartier). We are experienced, skilled and energetic. Tailor made fitness programs and attention for your needs is what’s most important. Whether it is Kickboxing, Personal Training, Bootcamp, Medical Fitness or Sportfasting (Fittergy), your goals become our goals.

Get to know Personal Performance Training

Interested in Personal Performance Training? Do you want to know if there is a click with our personal trainers? Please contact us for a free intake interview.

Intake interview

What do our clients say?


Worth the investment

The money and time spent with Joël is nothing in relation to my current satisfaction. My moral is very high. The only problem I have is that I have to buy new clothes to fit my current size.
Fon MBoneth – Personal Training

Technically sound

I feel like I’ve learned so much in a short year from both Ramon and Joël.  They both are very technically sound and they give instructions very clearly and concise.
Ricky N. Longs – Kickboxing

Well thought through program

I definitely underestimated physical condition you need to have to benefit the most. Joël supports daily, it helps! I lost 4 kg. 
— Lucy K. – Personal Training

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Personal performance training PT-studio in Statenkwartier / Duinoord is a high-end health studio.

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Personal Training Studio
Groot Hertoginnelaan 182
2517 EV Den Haag