22 May 2019

Personal Training – Lucien

I came across Personal Performance Training through the internet. After an informal intake with Joël I immediately knew that this was the right choice for me. My goal was to start building muscle with professional supervision from trainers who both motivate me and teach me to use the right techniques. Under Ramon’s supervision, I trained for ten weeks at PPT . This was great fun! The trainers know what they are talking about, are passionate about what they do and managed to motivate me to go for my goal a 100% . This has resulted in measurable results after ten weeks. I heartily recommend PPT to everyone. It is more than worth the investment!

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24 April 2019

Personal Training – Volkert Sauerwein

About 3 years ago I was ready to get more fit and lose some weight. I had tried to go to the gym and train by myself but that never resulted in longer lasting results, so I knew I wanted something else. By searching online, I found Personal Performance training and I booked a first intake.

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27 February 2019

Personal Training O.

After a professional intake with Joël I started my training with Jeffrey, because I was looking for a trainer with a background in kickboxing. I found the training good, fun and educational because of the clear explanation and enthusiasm of the trainer. I also received nutritional advice and the communication via the group app was very fast and easy!

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14 December 2018

Personal Training – Testimonial Hanneke

After recovering from a severe hernia, I was out of shape and my strength was diminished. I just became 40 years old, so it has gotten harder to keep weight off. I decided to treat myself to a couple of personal training sessions. I visited multiple studio’s and found that Personal Performance Training really stood out. Small scale, hygienic and… just around the corner from where I live.

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20 August 2018

Personal Training The Hague – Testimonial Obet

I found Personal Performance Training 2,5 years ago through a friend of Joël’s. I had been exercising at the gym by myself, without any supervision or knowledge. This I wanted to change, so I went looking for a personal trainer with their own studio. My goal was more muscle, become heavier, and learn about exercising in the gym. I had a nice intake interview with Joël, and we started training. I recieved an e-mail with the schedule and a nutionion plan. In order to gain weight, I had to eat a lot as well.

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25 July 2017

Kickboxing The Hague – Testimonial Ricky N. Longs

I took kickboxing back in 2011 and the experience was great. When I decided to do it again last year I was a bit nervous. My instructor Ramon really helped out and from day 1 of my training I felt at home. He is the constant professional along with the head instructor Joel.

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16 April 2017

Sportfasting Testimonial The Hague Lucy K.

Well thought through program! I definitely underestimated physical condition you need to have to benefit the most, I didn’t manage to do 60 mins cardio in second half. Lost > 4 kg. Joel supports daily, it helps! Overall, program is worth it!!

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14 February 2017

Personal Training The Hague Testimonial Martin P.

I have been training with Joel at Personal Performance Training since October 2015 and this experience has changed my life. Joel has taught me a new way to use my body and developed my physical strength and stamina well beyond my imagination. Joel’s professionalism, knowledge, patience and positive attitude kept me motivated and eager to attend my next training. Joel monitored my progress against the set benchmarks and made adjustments to my program so that I reach my goals. I will never be able to thank you enough, Joel!

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8 July 2016

Personal Training The Hague Testimonial Kozue Takamura

I have been training with Joel for many years now. I am one of the clients who decided to move with him to The hague from delft when he started his own studio. I believe I am probably one of the most senior female persons who trains with him weekly!

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30 November 2015

Personal Training The Hague Testimonial Fon MBoneth

Read about Fon’s experiece with personal training in Den Haag, guided by Joël, personal trainer of Personal Performance Training.

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