7 November 2019

Julia – Personal Training

My mother had done the Sportfasting program at Personal Performance Training. Her enthousiasm made me contact them. Despite the fact I used to exercise a lot, I found it hard to stay motivated to do power training. For that reason I started looking for a personal trainer. Ramon made me fun, varied and challinging programs. I especially liked the variation in training different muscle groups, and variation in power training and cardio as well.

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29 October 2019

Reinier – Sportfasting (Fittergy)

I found Personal Perfomance Training on the internet. They are located near my home. Joël is an excellent coach to help you through this tough program that is Sportfasting (Fittergy) They instructions were great, and the rest is up to you. You have to push through, but the result is worth it. The end of the last reduction day, right before the first day of fasting, was the heaviest moment. You have to overcome that and keep going.

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2 October 2019

Jochen – Sportfasting (Fittergy)

The Sportfasting (Fittergy) program is really a tough program, with certain results. Joël’s supervision an support was comfortable. It is quite intense to loose 6 kilo’s in 10 days. Right now I almost reached the weight I had when I met my wife 20 years ago!

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30 August 2019

Thomas – Personal Training

The Personal Training program helped me become more active and increased my motivation to wake up and exercise. Ramón was very helpful and always explained me in detail what I could do better. In the beginning of training my coordination was very bad for basic movements. At the end of the program I was feling much more confident to do for example weight lifting. I have a bad knee, and Ramón found ways to train my body without stressing my knee.

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28 August 2019

Yorick – Personal Training

I felt very welcome at Personal Performance Training. They advised me to get in touch with a dietitian as an addition to the training program. I lost 10 kilo’s in six months, thanks to Ramón’s program, and the supervision of the dietitian he advised. Ramóns persistend attitude helpt me a great deal! He is able to weekly adapt the exercises to how I feel.

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22 August 2019

Ioan L – Personal Training

Personal Performance Training is a great place, with great trainers. I did a Personal Training program with Ramon and I am very happy with the results. He was a great teacher and very professional. He was always focused on my exercises, being careful that I’m doing them right. The training programs he created for me were very good.

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30 July 2019

Sportfasting – Angelique

I have been training once a week at Personal Performance Training for some years. Training with Robin is fantastic. Outside my training day, I still felt fatiqued and with low energie during the day, and I was not eating properly (not taking enough time to have lunch). I found it time to make a change. I wanted to be fitter during the whole week. I consulted with Joël how he felt about me participating in the Sportfasting (Fittergy) program. I am so happy I did! To my surprise I lost a lot of weight. The biggest archievement is that I learnt to change my lifestyle: in stead of working hard and thinking of everyone but myself, I start my day with exercising and clearing my mind, so I can start my day fresh and energetic.

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24 July 2019

Personal Training – Sophia

I have just finished 30 sessions of personal training at Personal Performance Training, and both the journey and the end results have exceeded my expectations. I trained with Ramon twice a week, and with his guidance and encouragement, I went from being negative and phobic about exercise to loving every minute of it. Everyone at Personal Performance Training is a true professional, and the attention to detail for the individual is outstanding. I would definitely recommend training with them, it’s worth every penny and every minute of your time.

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16 July 2019

Kickboxing – Yvonne

I was looking for personal kickbox training, and found Personal Performance Training. I started training with trainer Jeffrey. I had no experience. My fittnes and techniques progressed within weeks. It was a pleasure working with trainer Jeffrey. He really focust on my personal needs. I strongly recommend these guys!

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26 June 2019

Sportfasting (Fittergy) – Linda Groenendijk

I have been training at Personal Performance Training for years and I did the Sportfasting program for the first time. It was a very good experience and I achieved my goals. I lost in total almost 4 kg and I feel very fit. Sportfasting is a mind-set. If you are willing to commit yourself for 10 days, you will succeed. The days I was fasting were challenging. The first day in particular is tough. I did not yet know how to distribute my energy properly, nor to distribute what and when you are allowed to drink. After advice from my trainer I was able to optimize this and day 2 and 3 were very good. Day 3 of the fast I felt very fit and sharp actually. The next day I was allowed to eat again, which my body struggled with. An energy dip. I had to get used to it and building up went well. I look back on 10 days when I not only challenged my body, but also addressed my discipline and endurance. Well succeeded with good results, thanks to the good guidance. Because that is key I noticed.

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