23 November 2020

Experience of Philip with Personal Training

I had a great experience with Ramon and Joel. They brought disciple and focus to my exercise and at the same time were flexible when I needed to change things. Like all good trainers Ramon could see where I was at any point in the exercises and adjusted to keep me within my limits. The gym is personal and professional at the same time. Check the guys out, they’re great!

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23 November 2020

Tracy – Personal Training

World-class personal training studio! Robin and Joel helped me get back my pre-baby body. Tough but always supportive. I will miss you guys.

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10 November 2020

Fittergy Sportfasting makes me feel fitter M.

The good feeling already started during the intake interview. On my way to the Fred, my eye fell on Fittergy’s placard, intrigued I walked in to inquire about sports fasting and whether it would be suitable given my background (burnout). I had just heard that I have developed an insulin resistance and I wanted to take action on that. During the introductory meeting with Joël, his professional knowledge and personal attention convinced me, so I decided to start the ten-day program the following day.

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29 September 2020

MJ – Sportvasten

I searched online for personal training online. I wanted a boost to my current level of fitness/metabolism because I haven’t been able to properly exercise and diet due to COVID-19 etc. I chose sportsfasting because it was a short amount of period (10 days) with relatively less financial commitment (400 euros) than one-on-one personal training (e.g. 10x training 630,- (63,- per sessie)) (probably not the best motivation I realize :)). For me, the purpose was to make the switch/boost for my metabolism so I didn’t set high expectations for the weight.

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8 September 2020

Damien – Sportfasting

II just finished the 10 days of the sportfasting program and I feel amazing, like a new born… My initial expectations are completely fulfilled. I appreciate the fact that the coach is not selling you unattainable results. On the contrary, I achieved precisely what he told me it will be possible.

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4 August 2020

Anthony – Personal Training

PPT is located closed to my place. After several months telling myself that I should make a appointment, I did it and I do not regret. The personal trainers are very friendly and passionate.

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7 July 2020

R. – Personal Training

I enjoyed training at Personal Performance Training the last couple of months. I work in an office, so I am sitting the whole day. For that reason I had been thinking for a while to start working with a personal trainer , to stay healthy in a safe way. I expected training to be very uncomfortable, but nothing is less true. Ramón puts you at ease and pushes you to extend your boundaries, in a safe way. His enthousiasm is contagious, which makes it fun and motivates to come to the training.

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9 June 2020

Tom – Personal Training

Personal Performance training is located near where I live, so I passed it regularly. I made an appointment when I decided to start training with a personal trainer. I had my intake interview with Joël, and it was very professional. My baseline was measured and we talked about my goals. The training was done by Ramón. There were very good. Ramón knew what I wanted and adapted the training accordingly. He also gave me the right dose of encouragement. The PT-Studio is a nice environment to exercise, and the outdoor sessions were great as well.

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30 January 2020

Testimonial – Personal Training

Since I had work related physical complaints, my fysiotherapist advised me to work on muscle building. That is how I ended up at Personal Performance Training. Weekly training, specific exercises and personal coaching really helped me! I was suspicious at first, but…..I cannot say any different than: IT WORKED! My muscles are stronger, and my complaints reduced. Great! Thank you Joël and Ramon, for being flexible when it came to appointments en thank you for the fun and motivation you gave me during exercizing! I learnt a lot!

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7 January 2020

K. – Personal Training

Last year I had Ramón as my personal trainer. I was very happy with the program. I improved my fysical fitness and I am stronger and more fit. I learned a lot about power training. How do you train in a safe way, prevending injuries or over training? The personal supervision is very good, involved and useful. I developed from being unexperienced at training with weights, to having enough confidence to pick up the dumb bells when on holiday. I strongly recommend training at Personal Performance Training.

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