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Our trainers


Joël van Wijk

Joël is an experienced Personal, kickboxing and boot camp trainer. His training is a combination of strength training, endurance training, balance training with parts from kickboxing. Fun, personal and professional attention are central. It is his motivation to help you achieve your goals.


Ramon Fiedler

Ramon is specialized in Medical Fitness. He combines physical training (Medical Fitness) with mental coaching. His training helps you physically and mentally in dealing with your injury or chronic physical condition. He wants to build a bridge between physiotherapy and fitness.


Pigi Afo

Pigi is a fitness trainer and Pilates instructor. Through her participation in the championship, as a runner, she learned to set goals and achieve them. This is exactly what she wants to inspire her clients. He graduated from the University of Physical Education and Sports Science in Athens, specializing in adapted physical activity. Through her experience as a coach, she has learned that every body is different and everyone’s needs change. She likes to build a meaningful relationship with her clients, to create moments of decompression from everyday stress and daily life. Combines exercises that suit your goals, through a safe, challenging, and fun way of training!  


Jeffrey Boers

Jeffrey Boers is a sports fan, bootcamp and kickboxing trainer. Thai / kickboxing has been his passion for over 15 years. Jeffrey\’s training sessions are challenging and consist of a combination of strength and fitness training and all technical aspects of Thai / kickboxing. Whether you are an adolescent teenager who needs an outlet, a beginner who wants to get to know the sport in a fun way or an experienced martial artist who wants to sharpen his or her technique, Jeffrey wants to support you.


Robin van Deursen

Robin van Deursen has been working as a personal trainer for over ten years and gained a lot of experience in different gyms. His passion for fitness makes him a trainer who helps clients achieve goals in a motivating and effective way.

\’When you feel good, and when you have more energy, you simply handle things differently\’.

Personal Trainer Yannick

Yannick Slothouber

Yannick Slothouber is 29 years old, born and raised in The Hague. After his studie Start to Move Fitvak A and B personal trainer, Yannick has been working as a personal trainer for over five years, both in groups and one on one training. He likes to make people aware of the importance of exercise. Not just moving for the sake of moving, but also to show someone that you can achieve beautiful goals both mentally and physically.

‘I find it inspiring to see my clients happy after they accomplished positive results but I also help and motivate them when their training does not go as good as they wished. In the end, we are doing this together. I am looking forward to helping you reach your fitness goals!’

Personal Trainers

Dexter Wessel

Dexter Wessel is a personal trainer and coach in triathlon and running. He has earned the diplomas TTN1 of the Dutch Triathlon Union (NTB) and certified personal trainer of the Hogeschool van Amsterdam (HvA). With years of experience in running, coaching and teaching under his belt, he will work with you in a relaxed, personal and holistic manner. What he enjoys the most is helping people work towards their personal goals. Dexter works at the Personal Performance Training studio in The Hague.  


Marciano van den Hooven

Marciano van den Hooven graduated as a physiotherapist three years ago at Hogeschool Leiden. In four years he has learned all about the moving functions of the body.


Mattijn Venhuizen

Mattijn Venhuizen is Personal Trainer, running coach and gives various group lessons. With the diploma fitness A & B, Personal Trainer, running and fitness trainer and mental coaching, he will work with you in a results-oriented way. In addition, he helps people to learn about nutrition and training. Mattijn works in the Personal Training studio in The Hague.