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Exercise safe and responsible

Personal Performance Training will officially open at july 1st

We are happy that you will be training with us again! On this page you will find our precautions and protocol to insure our en your safety.

We look forward to meeting you again!

Precautions Personal Performance Training

There is never more then two training client and two personal trainers active in the studio.

There will be ventilation were possible. We open a door, and use our ventilation system (no airco). 

We make sure you can desinfect your hands at all times.

All sessions are by appointment as we are used to. Are you not sure your healthy? Ask us to measure your temperature or saturation. We will tell you if you can proceed the training.

Read the protocol below, and stick to it at all times.

Client and trainer protocol

When you enter the facility, desinfect your hands, using the germ killer at the bar.
Change into you sports clothing at home, and bring your own drinking water and towel.
Always maintain a 1,5 metre distance during training.
All equipment will be desinfected before and after use.
You are not allowed to use the showers.
After using the restroom, please clean it with the provided products.

Free intake

Are you not yet training with us? Is it time you start exercising (again)? Please contact us for a free intake interview.

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